What makes you happy? What makes your heart pulse?

I am a lawyer and despite the fact that I like the Law Field, to me happiness means: to write and to live new experiences. What brings me that is traveling!

I love to find new places, to meet new people, to get lost and to find myself in all sorts of languages and universes. With that in mind, I have finally found the courage to leave the conventional path in order to find my own!

Through this blog, I will share with all of you, travelers and travelers to be, my two passions: to write and to travel. I hope that my words, photos and videos can bring you to my trips and that it can also help you to plan your own.

I will share with you my adventures, rights and wrongs, curiosities and peculiarities of every inch of this amazing world. And I will share a bit of my world too.

In each post I will bring you useful information that will help you to organize your trip, such as: prices, currency, currency exchange , where to eat, where to shop and what to pack.

Since I haven’t gone to all the infinite places that this planet has to offer, I’ll also share guests’s experiences!!

And I extend this invitation to all of you readers and travel bugs to share your adventures on the comment box below each post.

What else do you need to bring that dream trip to life? Life is made of the moments you live and not by the things you own, so Why not Pack? Pack your things and go color the pages of your passport!