Delayed/canceled/refused boarding

Unfortunately, when we travel by plane three unpleasant situations can happen: the flight can be delayed, cancelled or the boarding can be refused (due to mechanical failures, safety measures, overbooking, etc).

What are your rights if any of the three happen to you?

In Brazil the responsible organ for the laws of the civil aviation is ANAC. Although each country has its own laws, in the case of delayed or cancelled flights and of refused boarding, the laws are similar.

You can find in its website a guideline with all the situations that can happen, how to act and what are your rights for each one of them, take a look:


To give you a heads up, if the flight is 1 hour delayed the airline has the obligation to provide the passenger communication (by internet or phone), if it is more then 2 hours, food, finally, if it is more then four hours delayed it has to provide accommodation too.

Another interesting point is that even if the delay, cancellation or refused boarding was a consequence of bad wether, the airline still has the obligation to offer material assistance, accommodation and rebooking on another flight (depending on the level of the delay, cancellation or refused boarding).

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