When you are planning a trip by plane, you have to consider the airline’s luggage requirements before packing.

First of all, the bigger luggage have to be dispatched, meaning that it will be stored in the airplane luggage racks instead of in the racks located above the seats.

The luggage is dispatched in the airline’s check-in counter and it will be claimed in the baggage claim of  the airport of the flight connection or in the final destination.

To know for sure where to claim your luggage, ask the airline’s employee in the check-in counter of the embarkation airport. He/she will also give you a baggage ticket with all the information regarding your luggage. Please keep it in a safe place, because if your luggage gets lost you’ll need this piece of paper to claim it.

The airlines can adopt two different criteria to define baggage as dispatched or hand luggage/carry-on: weight and size.

The weight and size allowed per passenger for domestic and international flights will depend on the airline you chose to travel with.

Normally, it is allowed two bags of 32kg per person to travel internationally, but as I said above, you need to check your airline requirements before packing.

Also, sometimes the airlines concede some baggage privilegies for special customers, such as VIP members, business and first class passengers.

These privilegies can include the possibility to have complimentary luggage. Pay attention to the airline’s conditions to know if you can enjoy any special one.

The airlines normally provide all the information you need regarding luggage restrictions and benefits in their website. So Google your airline’s name, find its website and just look for “travel information”, “baggage policy”, “baggage”, that you will find everything you need to know.

In case you have trouble finding it, try calling the customer’s service phone number available on their website.

And, depending on the airline, you can have complimentary luggage if you pay a special tax.

However, personally, I prefer to organize everything in advance, in order to pack everything respecting the airline’s baggage requirements.

Remember that if you exceed the baggage weight limit, for example, and you are not willing to pay a tax, you will have to take away some of your personal belongings.

I hope that this post helped you. In case you have doubts or questions, please do let me know in the comments section or here.

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