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Parque Vila Velha – explore the nature of Brazil

A 3 hours long tour – just 80km from Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.

Who follow me on snapchat is aware of yesterday’s journey (you haven’t added me on snapchat yet? :O How dare you? JK, do it though, in order to follow my steps in real time). My boyfriend and I went to “Parque Vila Velha”, the best park in my home State, Paraná, in the South of Brazil.

What is it?

A state park, considered to be the better tourist attraction of the city of Ponta Grossa, in the State of Paraná, Brazil.

The park’s environment and fauna is protected and preserved, therefore its attractions can only be accessed by the park’s bus.

The park have 4 atractions that can be visited: the “Arenito Vila Velha” (Sandstone), two “furnas” (like a pit collapse) and the (“Lagoa Dourada” (Golden Lagoon).

There are also many species of animals living there under protection.

The park can be visited in around 3 hours, they offer the following tours:

  1. Furnas, Lagoa Dourada e Arenitos (complete);
  2. Furnas e Lagoa Dourada;
  3. Arenitos.

We picked the first one, which I recommend, since all the atractions are beautiful and Worth visiting. It is the perfect fit fot those that want to spend some quality time away from the city without spending thons of money.

We arrived at the park at 10 A.M. and went straight to the ticket office to buy our tickets (you can buy it online on the link provided further on the post). The access to the Furnas and the Golden Lagoon is only authorized by bus and the first one was scheduled to depart at 11 A.M.

There were lots of tourists, so it was a great idea to arrive one hour in advance, otherwise we could’ve missed the first bus and would’ve to wait for the second, at 1h30m P.M.

Therefore, I recommend you do the same, safe some time to make sure you won’t have to wait too much.

Lagoa Dourada (the Golden Lagoon)

The first bus stop is 400m away form the Golden Lagoon. A trail leads you there in less then 15 minutes.

The Golden Lagoon is about to disappear, since it is only 50cm deep on its margin.

Its water is crystal clear, therefore the sun light’s reflection on its surface make it looks goldish, what explains its name origin.

We were impressed by its colour. You can have an idea by the picture, but, trust me, it looks better in person.

parque vila velha


Furna 1 and 2

 “Furna” means a pit colapse. Through millions of years the water has been attacking the rock walls, causing (vey slowly) the removal of the sand grain. On the most fractured parts of the sandstone, the process is faster, causing the desagregation of the rocks until the pit colapses, creating the “furnas”.

I am not sure if I explained it correctly, but seeing the photos you can maybe figure it out. If you have any doubt, please let me know in the comments below.

“Furna” 1 and 2 are 110m deep and it is forbidden to go down. Many decades ago, the tourists could take an elevator down the “Furna 1”, however it had to be shut down to protect the estructure of the “Furna”.

parque vila velha
The elevador that was set down.


A trail lead the way to the second “Furna”. It is a very short distance between the two.

parque vila velha


After the journey to the “Furnas and the Golden Lagoon” (that lasted about 45 minutes) the bus took us to the trail that lead to the “Arenitos” (Sandstone).

“Arenitos” is by far the best attraction of the Vila Velha State Park. Sandstones are awesome rocky formations 30m high, that were created by rain after 300 million years. 

There are two types of trails: the complete and the half one. 

The complete, the one we did, is 2.700m long. The are ups and downs, but it far from being a tough walk. Don’t worry the view will make you lose your breath and not the walk itself. The view is spectacular. 

parque vila velha
This rock is called “the cup”, due to its format.

parque vila velha

For those that are not in the mood of walking, you can pick the shorter trail that is  1.100m long. 

And for those willing for more, you can go further. There area 1km long alternative trail. 

After the trail we went to the bus stop, where the bus took us back to the park reception.

It was a great and surprising tour. It is perfect for a family, a couple or a friends trip. You can go and come back on the same day, you can pick a hotel in Curitiba (the capital of Paraná an my hometown) or in Ponta Grossa. 


Highway BR-376, s/n – Jardim Vila Velha, Ponta Grossa – PR, 84000-000

How to get there?

By car: BR-376, km 515, on the Ponta Grossa way. There are two tolls along the way: the first costs R$7,60 (Us$2,18), and the second, R$10,80 (US$3,10).

By bus: By the bus company Princesa dos Campos (departing from Curitiba) or by the Viação dos Campos Gerais (departing from Ponta Grossa).

By public transportation: VCG (7h15m A.M., 1 P.M. and 17h10m P.M.) and the Vila Velha Line  (8h10m A.M., 1h40m P.M. and 17h45m P.M.).

By plane: o Aeroporto mais próximo é o Afonso Pena na capital paranaense, Curitiba.

How much?

Furnas, Lagoa Dourada and Arenitos Adults: R$25,00

Students pay half the price!

60+, kids until 6 and people with special necessities: free.

Furnas e Lagoa Dourada Adults: R$10,00

Students pay half the price!

60+, kids until 6 and people with special necessities: free.

Arenitos Estrangeiros: R$15,00

Students pay half the price!

60+, kids until 6 and people with special necessities: free.


Monday to Wednesday: from 8h30m A.M. to 5h30m P.M.

*The tickets can be bought until 3h30m P.M.

Contact? (to schedule visits)

(+5542) 3228-1138

Dress code

Comfortable clothes, preferably sneakers and gym clothes. 

What to bring with you?

Money or credit/debit card, solar protector, repellent, camera or smartphone, selfie stick, sun glasses.

The park has a snack bar, toilets (also special ones for disabled people), drinking fountains, a souvenir store and an auditorium.

Our sunday journey also included a german community that you will learn more about it on the Wednesday post, stay tuned!! 

I hope you liked the post!! Why not Parque Vila Velha?

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  • Dicas muito úteis e práticas!!! Já conhecia o parque, mas fiquei com vontade de voltar com seu post, Ana!!! Adorei!!! Beijinhos, Fer.

    • Obaaaa!! Que bom que gostou Fer 😉 O objetivo era esse, fazer quem não conhece, querer conhecer e quem já conhece, querer voltar 🙂
      Obrigada, Beijão !!

  • Gostei muito de Vila Velha, o parque é fantástico além da natureza esculpida.
    Em uma palavra – SENSACIONAL.

    • Top!! Ideia muito boa para um dia de domingo ensolarado 😉