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Hotel in Vienna for only 59€! Why not Ruby?

Are you young, searching for a nice and cheap hotel in Vienna? I found the perfect hotel for you! The Ruby-Marie Hotel, located in the heart of Vienna.

The hotel with a vibe of a hostel and the quality and comfort of a deluxe hotel was one of our best surprises in our last Euro trip. Vienna wasn’t even in our initial plans, because we had planned to visit Germany (Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich and Füssen), Czech Republic and Hungary and we only had 15 days. Fitting Vienna seemed very risky.

However, after 2 intense and very productive days in Budapest we decided that we didn’t need a third day there, so we thought about going to Vienna the night before. You got it right: we booked the hotel ONE night before. We found this awesome hotel for only 59€, thanks to its photos, info and good comments in ! 

We are really glad we trusted booking. 

As we entered Ruby’s elevator, the feeling of sadness of having only one night to spend there already filled our hearts. There was a really nice message on the elevator doors and the informations were written in a cool chalk style. Check it out:



The design hotel is small, with 186 rooms, made for a young public. Its vibe makes you want to stay immediately. The decoration is modern, cool and colorful. 

The reception is on the 5th floor. The check-in was concluded in a few minutes through a tablet. After my digital signature, the room key was automatically released. Like magic. Easy and simple.

In the same floor there is the bar/cafe and the restaurant. The atmosphere doesn’t make you want to go to your room. You feel like seating there, ordering a drink and enjoying the great hotel music. They even have an exclusive radio station (ruby radio).

They offer free wifi in every area of the hotel. The space is filled with low tables and sofas, making room for people to seat there with their computers, smartphones and tablets if they want to.




There is also a roof top terrace, with a nice view of Vienna. 

Every inch of Ruby was well decorated and is very cozy, creating the perfect “home away from home”.

Since it is a very new hotel, there are still rooms under construction, such as: the movie lounge and the events venue. 

It is already equipped with: a yoga studio, maxi bars and iron boards:





Corredor para os quartos.
The room aisle.

The surprises aren’t over! The room is cozy, neat, clean and have Marshall amps and a tablet for free. The amp comes with an auxiliar cable for iPhone and other smartphones. Therefore, you can connect your devices and tune to your spotify, iTunes, deezer or whatever music resource you have and enjoy your own original sound track!



Ruby takes music so serious that you can rent a guitar for free at the hotel reception and jam in your room.

And when the tiredness strikes you, don’t worry. The shower is great and relaxing and the bed is super comfy. You will sleep like a baby! 







Besides, on your room table you will find a nice city guide, a little notebook and a tiny pencil with the Ruby logo.


They thought about everything to conquer you. Trust me, they will! There are nice messages everywhere. Not even the blow dryer was left behind. In its case it reads: “Blow me away”. And in the laundry bag: “Make it your own story”.


At our single night there ( 🙁 ) we stayed at the hotel bar and enjoyed the dj set and their great drinks. I can’t wait to go back… during summer haha.

I recommend Ruby-Marie for young people traveling with friends or with their significant other. The vibe is awesome and I am sure you’ll meet nice people for all over the world.

If you are more experienced, it will depend of how cool and young at heart you are. If you are a bit older, but still into a cool place with lounge music, Ruby can be your kind of hotel too.

I find it hard to be a good fit for families, though. I guess kids demand a quieter place. 

If you weren’t convinced that Ruby is for you, let me tell you more!

Ruby-Marie is a minute away from Mariahilfer Stra?e – uone of the best commercial streets of Vienna -, a few steps away from the Westbanhhof, 5 minutes from the museum quartier and next to Billa – a supermarket with everything you need (soon I’ll be posting about it). Check the map they provide on their website:

Captura de Tela 2016-03-07 a?s 17.35.37

Now you are probably thinking that it is impossible to have costed only 59€. Am I right?

I can assure you that this was the price we paid 2 weeks ago. I can’t assure you that you’ll pay exactly the same amount on another date, but Ruby is committed with the best price, so I doubt you will find a hotel like this for a better price.

For more info check their website:

They are also members of Trip Advisor:

I hope that I made you feel like staying at Ruby-Marie in Vienna! And if you did, please don’t forget to let them know that you found them through Why not pack! It won’t cost you anything 😉

Beware of the following posts about Vienna. Did you know that Vienna is the best city to live in the world? 

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  • Hotel descolado e bem localizado.

    • Exatamente Pedro, perfeito para quem é jovem e descolado 🙂
      Obrigada por ser um leitor fiel do blog!

  • Que hotel top!!!! Super amei!!!! Preco show e super cute! Adoramos! O yuri principalmente! Haha

    • Que bom que gostou!! Pelo jeito já foram conquistados pelo Ruby antes mesmo de conhecerem “ao vivo”, né?? Coloquem na “bucket list” já 🙂

  • Show!! Parabéns pelo post!

    • Obrigada Rafa 🙂 Esse hotel foi um achado!